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Prime Partner Banks 

Prime Partner Banks are those that go above and beyond the eligibility requirements of the IOLTA rule to support the NC IOLTA program in its mission to ensure that low-income North Carolinians have access to critically needed legal aid. The Prime Partner rate is a net yield of 75% of the Federal Funds target rate or 0.75%, whichever is higher.

Bank of Oakridge

blue ridege bank



Wells Fargo

Benchmark Banks

Benchmark Banks are those that meet eligibility requirements by paying the higher of 65% of the Federal Funds Rate to support the NC IOLTA program in its mission.

American Bank of the Carolinas

Bank of America

Encore Bank

Huntington National Bank

JP Morgan Chase

New Republic Bank 

Pinnacle Bank

PNC Bank

Regions Bank 

Triad Business Bank

Eligible Bank List

Click here to view the complete list of North Carolina eligible banks.

Settlement Agent Accounts

For the list of out-of-state banks approved for settlement agent accounts only, click here.