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IOLTA Interest Remittance Report

Download Excel Spreadsheet

Download of the Excel file may not work in certain browsers depending on the browser settings or need for updates. If you have trouble downloading the file, we recommend trying a different web browser to complete the download. If you still are unable to access the file, contact NC IOLTA for assistance.

Remittance Portal

Eligible NC financial institutions should use the remittance portal to upload their remittance reports or other documents. 

Bank Compliance

Prime Partner Program

Bank Compliance Statement - Banks with Physical Location in NC Only

Bank Compliance Statement – Banks with No Physical Location in NC 

Establish an IOLTA Account

NC IOLTA Information Update Form

Bank Directive on NSF Trust Checks


On January 28, 2010, the NC Supreme Court approved revisions to the NC IOLTA Rules that will require lawyers to hold their IOLTA accounts only at “eligible” banks that have agreed to pay comparable rates on those accounts (comparability requirement). The revised rule has an effective date of July 1, 2010. For more information about comparability, see: Frequently Asked Questions about Comparability.

To view the rules that regulate IOLTA accounts and comparability, see: Subchapter D, .1316 and Subchapter D, .1317.

The NC IOLTA Program recognizes those financial institutions that go above and beyond the IOLTA eligibility requirements in their commitment to improving access to justice in their communities. For more information, see: Prime Partner Information for Banks.

The NC State Bar regulates the trust account practices of North Carolina lawyers. For more information about trust account practices, see: Trust Account Handbook.