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Information Update Form
The NC IOLTA rules (Rule .1316(c)) require that a lawyer/law firm or settlement agent advise NC IOLTA of the opening or closing of an IOLTA account. Notification can be made electronically through the North Carolina State Bar Member Portal or by submitting the NC IOLTA Information Update Form. Changes in employment or contact information should also be reported.

Bank Directive regarding non-sufficient funds
Under the Rules of Professional conduct (Rule 1.15-2(l), a lawyer must direct each bank where he or she maintains any trust account to notify the State Bar when any item drawn on the trust account is presented for payment against insufficient funds. The notice form should be used for that purpose.

IOLTA Certification Document
Under NC IOLTA rules (Rule .1319), every lawyer must certify his/her IOLTA status to the NC State Bar by June 30 of each year. Failure to certify may result in suspension of the law license. Certification should be made when paying State Bar dues. If certification was not made when paying dues, the certification form may be used to certify.


The North Carolina State Bar
NC IOLTA is a program of the North Carolina State Bar, the state agency responsible for regulating the practice of law in North Carolina.

The NC State Bar regulates the trust account practices of North Carolina lawyers. For more information about trust account practices, see: The North Carolina State Bar's Trust Account Handbook.

For regulations governing NC IOLTA, see the Administrative Rules of the State Bar, Subchapter D, Section .1300, Rules Governing the Administration of the Plan for Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTA).

For the ethics rules pertaining to the safekeeping of client funds in a trust account, see NC Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 1.15 – Safekeeping Property, Rule 1.15-1 – Definitions, Rule 1.15-2 – General Rules, and Rule 1.15-3 – Records and Accountings.